How to wear black without looking boring

Sincerely, I strongly believe that it’s difficult to wear black, especially total black. But there are some tips how to succeed in wearing dark colors…

Play with proportions

That’s my favorite tip! I use it almost every time. But mostly it works out well if you combine designer clothes with your usual clothes.


Imagine how flossy you are when you put on extraordinary black clothes in daily life. You have no chance to make a fashion mistake in case of black items. If it is too eccentric itself, don’t add accessories. Let it be the main detail in your gorgeous look.


Recently, I’ve found a cool Scandinavian brand Too Damn expensive, and it was a love at first sight. Unfortunately, it is based in Oslo; so, the only way for me to get it is to buy it in The Clothing Lounge. I’ve made the first order and now stay waiting for it.

Sheer elements

You can add a sheer element like hat or sunglasses or scarf. It always helps. It can be of the same color or bright – it’s up to you


Clothes +scarf Too Damn Expensive

Embellishing jewelry

Embellishing accessories might rock out in the look. They can be very small, but super stylish.12

Opt for a slit

If you have a really long black dress, it should be with a big slit to show your beautiful legs.


Create more layers


It might sounds damn, but black on black can be a great idea. I personally love wearing a black shirt with a black leather jacket and black trousers or jeans. At least you should try.


Clothes Too Damn Expensive

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