Favourite mints

These days mint clothes have become my recognition mark. Some months ago I used to wear blue clothes (as you have noticed it’s my favourite color). Maybe  it’s directly connected with the latest trends, but  it can also be me nice mood, that makes me choose these colors. So let’s talk about the current trends.

IMG_6527 копия IMG_6553 IMG_6604 IMG_6632 копия Без имени-1

Lace skirts are both a must-have and the foundation, that allows you to channel your creativity throughout the warmer months. These skirts emphasize your femininity, grace, elegance, sexuality and charm. No doubt, every season at least one designer choose lace as his/her favourite cloth. Celine, Burberry, Tom Ford, Balmain use this cloth in their collections this summer.

So how to wear this trend? This summer you can choose any shape and color of lace skirts as you like, it depends only on your mood and taste. But, in my opinion, these skirts are perfectly combined with classic heels and shirts or tops of neutral colors.

Today I chose skirt Stylemoi,heels, top  Zara, clutch Warehouse, earings Want.

photo: Marina Vladimirova, Muah Anastasiya Boricheva