My sunny, cheerful mood makes me be extravagant and a bit crazy. This time I can make babetta hairstyle or wear glance shoes. Be sure, if you go out in this crazy outfit, you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

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Today I want to tell you about another mast-have of this season. Peplum absolutely benefits every woman’s body type. That’s right, any girl can rock the peplum and it will still do their figure justice. For example, if you’re slim, sporting the peplum will give the illusion of curves and if you are curvy it will make your waist and hips look smaller, it can also lengthen your body and shape an ideal silhouette.

Though this trend is made for anyone with a mean sense of style there are lots of women still asking the same questions: How do I sport the peplum? Which style of peplum suits me best? This trend is so multi-purpose that you combine it with anything you want. So the peplum can help you to reduce the time that you spend thinking how to combine your clothes.

Today I’ve chosen top Daniil Anisferov, heels United Nude из Lomonosova22.

photo: Ekaterina Girman, hair Nafisya Ahmetova, make up: Julia Kapura

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