In each wardrobe

There is no doubt, that your success partly depends on your choice of clothes. Some people ask, whether it’s possible to find the clothes, that are perfect for each, even for specific, event.

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Unfortunately, you have spend extra money on clothes for special events, for example party, celebration and so on. But there are some must-haves that you can easily combine in daily life and look gorgeous.

Now let’s solve the problem of your daily choice of your casual clothes. There are some rools to follow.

1.Understand your body shape and the colors that fit you.

2.Don’t hestitate about your clothes size.

3.Wear clothes that are appropriate for your age.

4.Work out, how much you can spend on your wardrobe.

5.Prefer quality to quantity.

6.If matching clothes is still a big problem for you, read some books or magazins of this topic.

One thing you must buy is a denim shirt. It can be easily combined with everything you want (from casual jeans to romantic skirts). Pay much attention to the cloth of the shirt, it must be of the best quality. Rock out denim and be trendy!


Today I’ve chosen shirt and necklace Love Republic, skirt Asos, sandals Steve Madden, bag Lomonosova22.

Today I’ve chosen shirt and necklace Love Republic, skirt Asos, sandals Steve Madden, bag Lomonosova22.

photo: Eugenia Kolo, hair: Crop