How many bikes are in Barcelona and all about Spain colors

When you arrive to Barcelona, you can notice a lot of bikes and skooters.They are as popular in the capital of Catalonia as bright clothes.

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Spain is a perfect place for people, who enjoy riding motorbikes. Speed limits are high and temperature is high as well. You can rent skooter or motorbike easily, showing your driving license and passport. I don’t have the former, so I had to be a passanger on the bike.

Colorful Spain inspired me to wear bright clothes. So, I decided to choose the colors, that are extremely popular now (you can read more here)

Blue and orange is an ideal color combination for people, who want to add brightness and positive to their life. So, don’t be shy — choose these wonderful colors.

That day in Barcelona I chose sunglasses wildsunglasses, skirt-shorts Pull and Bear and shoes Viintage

photo: Анна Рыжакова