Why total white looks are so popular? Where you can buy hats in Barcelona?

I’m going on writing about my trip to Barcelona and about my favourite places. As you know, I collect hats and, when I came to Barcelona, I wanted to buy the special ones. So, I found some vintage shops and some tailors and bought lovely hats, that I was wearing during all my journey.

IMG_9954 2 IMG_9971 2 IMG_9946 2 IMG_0125 IMG_0079 IMG_0023I’ve noticed, that the half of my wardrobe is white clothes.Now I combine white clothes and accessories more often. Maybe that’s because this color is very popular nowadays.

Now I’ll give you some tips, how to wear white clothes. First, use more neutral details, accessories, dark shoes. Some geometrical pieces will rock out your look. I also advise using layers, so you will combine all shades af white.

That day I wore shirt and trousers Max Mara, sandals Mango, sunlasses Ray Ban.

photo: Анна Рыжакова