How to wear oxfords and what will save you from rains?

All fashion-addicted people were watching last fashion weeks. Today I want to tell you about some trends that you can easily pick up.Alter nappa Oxford-style shoes in black featuring a sustainable wood platform wedge with a contrasting white chunky rubber saw-edge sole were very popular in PFW and MFW and are must-have for all trendy people today…

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4 5 IMG_0398Sincerely, I adore all trends that are comfortable and trendy at the same time.This shoe is a fashion magic cluster of intellect, charm, chic, feminine and masculine rolled into one. More than that, they fit mostly any foot.

Oxfords give outfits an instant classy charm, and are perfect for geek-chic as well as masculine-chic. So how to wear these lovely shoes? I’ll give you some tips.

First, don’t wear ankle-deep trousers. Secondly, it’s quite appropriate to wear oxfords in daily life, not to the night events. These shoes want to be clean and pretty all time. That is the most important rule.

I always recieve letters, where you ask me to show trendy raincoats. Here is the trench, that can help you in the rainy weather. So, this is one of the most useful clothes for this season.

Today I’ve chosen the dress  StyleMoi, bag Love Republic, oxfords and trenchcoat Bolshoi.

photo: Alexey Duplyakov