How to wear red? One of the most simple ways

Red has always been the most lovely color of passion, love and warm. It has many personalities and cultures throughout the world revere it for its strength, protection and even warning. Here, we show you how you can harness the  red color’s power. Clothes of this color is a must-have for all girls and women…

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Why do you need to know what red-color’s tint fits you?

First, this color can produce a powerful effect on people. So you will be noticed anyhow. Secondly, this color can be aggressive, when you want to be sexy and cute. 

I advise thinking about your color type. Woman of each season has its own colors.

I want to tell you about the most simple way, how to wear this powerful color. You can combine it with contrast colors, for example, green or blue. There is no doubt, it will solve the problem of color combination. (You can also see examples, how to wear red here)

I went to St. Petersburg FW wearing sweater BeFree, bag LoveRepublic, trousers and shirt Asos, necklace Urbiana, shoes Zara.