How to dress like a French fashionista?

So elegant, smart, amazing style of French women has always been admired by lots of girls and women. The secret of these style icons makes famines crazy…

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Just how do they manage to look so graceful and refined, even in a t-shirt and jeans? Is it their magic and charisma that makes them so awesome?

Ask anyone to describe French style and you’re likely to hear terms like “chic”, “classic”, “elegant” and the all-too-common “je ne sais quoi” tossed about. The look may seem effortless, but it’s not all #justwokeup beauty routines and a bateau top.

Of course, French women are, no doubt, fashion icons, queens of  sophisticated grace and beauty.Their style is timeless, they’re definitely not playing it safe.

They follow the old rule of  “Bien coiffé, bien chaussé (“good haircut and good shoes”), they care about their skin, body and hair very thoroughly. They just promised themselves to be good-looking, gorgeous. All they want is to be on the top of the world and, no doubt, they were born with the sense of style.

No matter what happens, they are always cheerful, full of energy and positive. They are true love-lovers! French beauties never upset. They will go on being outgoing and open-minded instead of being bored or disappointed.

If you’re looking to capture the style of a French woman, here are some suggestions to start your fashion odyssey.

They pay much attention on the color accents in their daily outfits. French ladies focus on or two bright details, e.g. bag, jewellery, gloves and so on.

If you want to dress like a French fashionista, you need to remember that:

1. Reasonable amount of background colors and accent color;
2. Bright detail should be noticed from the first sight;
3. Background colors should be pastels or some neutral tints.

Today I wanted to copy a French style and have chosen coat Choies, dress Romwe, bright bag Love Republic, flats Asos.