What to include to the shopping list this autumn?

When you go shopping, the best way not to “overbuy” is to make a shopping list in advance. I’ll tell you  items that surely will put a silver lining on the gray autumn days. Check it out!

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Designers’ve set some trends, that you certainly have to buy. Do you like vine? Add some vine tints to your perfect autumn look. Do you need some warmness? Wear cozy kneated clothes. Do you want to transform streight to the past? Put on dresses, mini-skirts and fur coats from 1960-s, 1970-s.

The most lovely trend, of course, is a man style and normcore. Wearing it, you choose the easiest way to be fashionista.

Fur trend and military is neve out of fashion (you can check some pieces of advice, how to wear it this autumn here or here)

For shopping I wear clothes Love Republic, shoes Kurt Geiger.