Why do you need some cosmic outfits in your wardrobe?

Hey guys! Are you fed up with boring looks?! Let me introduce new cosmic outfit, that I wore on Russian Fashion Week…Sure you’ll love it!

IMG_2649 IMG_2662 IMG_2673 IMG_2699 IMG_2719

Transfomer dress’ll make all people stare at you without any words. How can it be possible, that a dress grab so much attention from passerbyes? The answer is very simple. It’s just the think usual people will be shy to wear. Instead of it they will take pleasure looking at you and persuing you everywhere, asking how to be so cool to put on this piece of clothes. Don’t be shy! Be that pearson that inspires everyone. Be creative, be shyless!

This time I’ve chosen the dress Ksusha Raikova and shoes toptop.ru

photo: Alexei Duplyakov