Letters from Barcelona… The place you’ll certainly fall in love with…

It’s too cold in Saint-Petersburg, so I get warm by watching photos and video from Barcelona. Today I want to tell you about the district, where I spent so much time…

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The Gótico, or Gothic quarter of Barcelona, is the still-beating heart of the old town. It’s knot of streets even now seems like a throwback to a different era altogether.

That said, it’s no museum piece – in the 21st century the Gótico is a lively commercial district, home to the autonomous Catalan government and first on the hit list with the many tourists who visit the city.


As I lived in this quarter, I absolutely fell in love with it and it’s inhabitants. Dozens of tourists from all over the world, actors, painters… Yes, this barrio is full of life.

The red color matches this district, it lives in it’s tiny cozy streets. So, I’ve decided to wear a jumpsuit Asos to emphasize the beauty of the legs and back.

One piece of advice to you, my lovely reader: if you are ashamed by your height, wear jumpsuits, because they can lenghten your legs and even make you slimmer. 

photo: Karina Gazaryan