Soul holidays

he long-awaited weekend has come! That means three days of meetings with friends and relatives, time, devoted to precious people. During the week I was dreaming to go to the outskirts of the city and Saturday became very important day for me….

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I always want the autumn to last longer, and, sincerely, if there was the city, where the autumn lasts forever, I would certainly move there. The beauty of the nature always inspires me to do my best, to develop myself and help the other people with their problems.


So, I rapidly did the plait, make-up in a French style and went closer to my wardrobe to find something romantic. I chose  nice, cozy dress DKNY and clothes Lomonosova22.


We have so few time to spend it in the way we like, so don’t waste your time and do something, that will make you be happy!


Photo: Marina Vladimirova
MUAH: Anna Petrova