How to lay off? The problem of the city-dweller

My weekend was devoted to the search of harmony, tenderness, calmness and serenity. I didn’t spent much time thinking, where I should go to find these feelings. My destination was the forest.

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Spending a day far away from the city, I was lost in thoughts. Close contact with the nature always gives me inspiration and motivates to be better.

I wore nice fur coat from Bolshoi to look like a bear, cozy trousers and boots from Zara and grandmother’s sweater.

The fur was artificial, so no animals were killed. I enjoy wearing such kind of coats, because they are warm and eye-catching. If you wear this coat in the city, you will not only protect yourself from the cold weather, but will be extremely trendy.

I had a gorgeous weekend and hope you’ll follow my example and spend a day searching for yourself, thinking and dreaming and the nature will be the best helper.

photo: Ekaterina Girman, hair Nafisya Ahmetova, make up: Julia Kapura

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