The best accessory

What is the all-time accessory, that you can’t miss? Is it a new trend or have you lived with it all that time?

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When it comes to the season’s must-have accessory, I choose one that always wins. What is it? It’s becoming clear there’s one winner across the board: a smile. Adorning the faces of everyone, it is proving to be every bit as statement-making.
I want to tell you about another one accessory, that you must have in your wardrobe, if you want to be in. There’s something irresistibly charming about reinventing a military cap and all fashionistas adore it, because of it’s superordinary stylish power.
Lately, I’ve had one my radar, and I’m excited to report that the military cap is having a moment again, thanks to street style daredevils, editors and other fashionable people.This accessory is getting some serious play in my top-list of accessories winter 2015.
It’s commonly used in military, grange style, and, no doubt, it looks stunning on tomboy girls. But nobody wants to make you wear it just in previous types of style. You can combine it with everything you want, add it in all your looks, if your adoration is so strong.

Today I wore clothes Love Republic, shoes Givency and cap StyleMoi.

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