Perfectly layered look

It’s so difficult to be trendy when it’s too cold outside. So I can give you some tips, how to match layers and be in…

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Color Theory

Everybody owns a black coat, so why not stand out with an unexpected outerwear color? The colors of the moment are pastels do don’t miss a chance to be one of their’s owners.

Layering Trifecta

This fail-proof combination of a button-down, sweater and lingerie will save you from the cold, and don’t forget that layers in your outfit should be thin.

Statement Scarf

If your outfit seems a little lackluster, the easiest way to add interest is with a chunky scarf.

Double heat
Fashion sreetstylers are bored with usual leather jacket or coats,now they combine these items in one outfit.

photo: Ekaterina Girman, hair Nafisya Ahmetova, make up: Julia Kapura

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