How to be taller?

That’s so simple to look tall. Here are some tips for you guys! Follow and be tall!

1. Say yes to high-waist bottoms

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2. Rock out with vertical stripes. They create long lines, thus making you look, longer. 



3. Wear all one color. You can enhance the illusion of height creating a vertical line. Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored.


4. Think about your posure. It plays a very important part in making you appear with a good height. Slumped shoulders, bowed back etc makes even a very tall person look shorter not to talk about the actually shorter ones. A good posture provides even physical benefits.

5. Put on nice small hat.

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6. Long jacket or blouse will make you look even shorter, so avoid wearing them.



7. Prefer small prints, big ones will make you smaller.



8. You must wear heels or pointy flats (they are perfect for women, who are tired with high heels).1


9. Wear V-necks. Tops with plunging V necklines give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso.


10. Try flared jeans. Your legs are even longer, when the hem hits the top of your shoes

11. Throw away your big shoulder bags! Keeping your accessories appropriately scaled to your body size is a smart move for petite girls, starting with that oversized bag. Every time you cause the eye to take in width, you reduce the amount of height it takes in. That means smaller cross-body bags, clutches, and small top-handle totes are your best bet.

12. Chop your hair. Long hair drags petite girls down, while shorter hair does the opposite.

  1. Be mindful of proportion. When you’re petite, it’s imperative to be sure all your clothes fit properly. Even if some item is fashionable nowadays, for example, oversize clothes. Don’t be tempted to put it on.

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