How to copy the style of Olivia Palermo?

Today there are some tips, how to look like a famous IT girl.Look, that’s easy!

51 2 3This woman has a very romantic, chic  style, that is very simple but sophisticated at the same time. If you want to copy it, follow some rules.

So, to look like Olivia Palermo you need to:

1.Choose accessories properly. Buy good sunglasses for all time and let them attract all attention.
2.Put on heels. They will make you look feminine and emphasize your beauty.
3. Make elegant hairstyle. It can be also messy  hair or a pony tail.
4. Choose classic style. Wear jackets, skirts and dresses.
5. Look chic, but don’t forget to be neat and accurate.

I’ve chosen clothes Love Republic, shoes Zara. Be smart, be stylish!

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