It’s time to choose the trench

My spring started with a lot of confuses and choices. I couldn’t decide what trench to choose and what clothes I want to wear in this season…

whyshy-2 whyshy-3 whyshy-1 whyshy-4

Do you have the same problem? When you stay near your wardrobe always in two minds what you should do to look perfect.

This spring I wear simple clothes with some romantic accents (lace, nice buttons and collars). Today I feel absolutely free styling this way.

I’m always on heels and with a curly hair – that’s all spring influence. I bought a lot of casual clothes for the usual Russian temperature, when I’ve received the news about my trip to Argentina.

There is 30 above zero in BsAs, so I don’t need any warm clothes. Thats why all trenches and coats are in Russia waiting for me. They are all basic, so, I don’t care if they will be useful in the next year…

photo: Alexei Duplyakov
hair:  Crop

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