The point that will make you enjoy this spring

When I started to travel, I understood that I’m fully in love with my homeland. Now I’m in adventure again (actually, in Argentina) enjoying my life, meeting new people and seing beautiful places. What can be better? But there are still some things, that make my mind live in the other country…

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While the South America is expecting the winter, other continents are full of the joys of spring! This is the main reason, why I really miss my european  home. Actually, I skip the spring in this year, because I’ll be in America till Septeber.

Lucky European peope! Now’s the best time of the year, where it seems every event is worthy of dressing up! I advise you doing your best this spring and enjoy yourself! Off to brunch in your favorite restaurant’s backyard garden? Rooftop soiree with your S.O.? You need to be dressed for the each case, of course.

Here, in Buenos Aires I keep on following the European style of life (it sounds strange, but I feel and dress like I also have the spring!). Bright, flashing, classy dresses, skirts are my best friends in this moment. Today I trew on the chickest sweatshirt Talitha Ind and shoes Betsy in order to refresh these autumn days.

фото:Elisaveta Donchenko

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