7 Funny Ways Living in Buenos Aires Changes Your Style

Living in Buenos Aires may often be hailed as the best option for Latinoamerican peope, and it’s easy feat, either. And, as a Russian myself, I can attest to the fact that one of favorite pastimes for BsAs’ citizens is letting everyone else on the planet know just how comfy it is to live here!

Although Argentina is not such an-ahem-special place, it also has a distinct effect on its inhabitants’ style. The super-busy, fast-paced lifestyle has been taken by North America and South America is all about chilling life.

A lot of people prefer being free in their choice of clothes, and their relaxing and half-a-week-partying way of life does not lend itself well to the majority of fashion trends, which leaves porteños with unlimited options of wearing clothes.

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In case you have plans to visit Buenos Aires soon and want to fit in like a local, or you are a local simply looking to commiserate, I’ve compiled a list of the funniest ways that living in BsAs transforms your style:

1.Flat your shoes

Let’s put it this way: Living here is not the episode of Focus with Will Smith that we’d hoped it would be. Instead (and no matter how cool your job is) you’re probably spending a lot of time walking to and from subway stops or across never-ending avenues. Faking heel comfort just won’t fly here, though, and if you’re anything like me, it might take you a few blood-filled shoes to learn that.

2.Jump into sport!

As mentioned above, impractical footwear in Buenos Aires is a big no-no. Unfortunately, even the flattest shoes can give your feet hell (hi, blisters), so, to avoid having issues altogether, many citizens of Buenos Aires rely on a classic pair of gym sneakers to travel around the city each day. It’s all adopted from the New York style (can’t believe that anybody doesn’t like it).

3. Master of layers

As the weather in Buenos Aires is often boiling and there is no beach with the ocean or the sea to jump in, we spend a lot of our days running in and out of buildings that are either air-conditioned to the point of freezing. Usually the outdoor temperature is drastically different, resulting in a contrast that is bad not only for our health but also for our style, too. The best solution? Layering all day every day so that you’re never stuck without the option to take something off or put something on. So, leather jacket becomes your best friend forever.

4.More natural

Makeup usage takes a dip outside of summer months, too, mostly because there’s only so much time in the mornings. So, the most fashionable way to do make up here is to skip a lot of stages. What you need is to make your skin look fresh and healthy. Nevertheless, Argentinian girls’ make-up is extremely bright when they go out: red lips and dark eyes is the most popular beauty trend for them.

5. Eyes protection

When the most of the days are sunny, and you didn’t sleep the last night (actually for Argentinians it’s a half of the week) sunglasses are must-have for you. Even though it’s mostly mental, the act of putting on shades lends you a bit of inner peace and a sense of anonymity that is so refreshing in a city that truly never sleeps.

6. As bright as never

If you look deep inside the Argentinian culture, almost everyone came from Europe. So, there is a great mix of everything and a lack of any fashion laws and trends. It gives all of us a big chance to express ourselves and wear what we really want to put on, no matter if it is trendy or not.

7. Men VS women

Actually, I’m sure that men here are more stylish than women. I haven’t find the reason yet, but men’s fashion is more developed and women get used for it and disregard it.

Sincerely, I’m fully in European and American fashion, so, I still try to follow trends of the rest of the world. Here, I buy clothes of designers, that can regard themselves as ambassadors of the world fashion. For instance, The House of Matching colors makes super-chic clothes that fit my style and the style of every swank fashionista.

photo: Paul Ripke

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