June’s mix

Hey, guys! I hope, your first summer days are full of amusement!  I’m sure, you will be up to jump for joy, if you look wonderful and dress in a fashionable way in this June. Today I’ll give you some tips, how to refresh your looks and be super trendy…

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This June, mix country charm with city edge in the form of oversized outerwear, cropped trousers, eye-catching accessories that are perfect for soaking up the summer days.

Is it still cold in your country? Even if the weather is not perfect these days, don’t feel bummed out. Just buy some chicky sweaters that will make all your outfit shine bright (at least, it can be considered as a substitute of the sun in the moody weather). You will stay warm and be super trendy.

I found some cool items in Vanesa Krongold‘s collections. Nice shoes by Jessica Kessel made the look complete. The way, how I looked in the last days cheered me up (and at the same time all the strangers in the streets, that looked at these looks, examining all the details of the outfit)

As usual, in the beginning of the summer I travel to another countries. I’ve even wrote down all the places I want to visit. See the details in the next post.

photo: Jorge Aragon

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