Travel to Patagonia

This is the trip, that I have been dreaming about during all my life. I was really impressed with Argentinian landscapes, so I definitely had to visit it and see it by myself…


The plan to Patagonia was the following: Buenos-Aires – Ushuaia – Puerto-Natales – El Chalten –El Calafate. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to visit all of these places (I will explain the reasons later).

The trip started in a nice small town Ushuaia, which is expected to be very cold and windy this time, because it’s the coldest place in Argentina and the winter has already started there. Ushuaia met us with a heavy rain, but we were extremely optimistic. We decided to look for a good places to visit.


It was extremely cold in Ushuaia, so we had to buy some warm clothes. That time nobody was thinking about fashion – comfort and warmness were the bothering points. After the shopping we wanted to have a warm and ran in a cafe to have some tea or coffee. Actually, we didn’t expect the locals to be so hospitable to offer us hot chocolate for free (it was the most unexpectable and delicious hot-choco in my life).

In the evenings Ushuaia looks like Christmas-time-european-cities, because there are a lot of lights, people in the streets, relaxing and having a good time.

Next days the weather became even worse, but we were very enthusiastic, and nothing could change our plans. We went to the national park to see el fin del mundo and to get delight of the views of the wild nature.

I will never forget a sence of freedom when you stand in the most southern point of America. At the time, when I understood, that there is only ice and thousand kilometres of the ocean in front of me, the feelings came high.


The weather wasn’t the worst thing, that we faced in that town. The news about closed borders between Chilie and Argentina was the most horrible and trick that could happened with us. We had to change our plans immediately and took the tickets from Ushuaia to El Calafate.

The last day in Ushuaia we spent at the airport. Sincerely, we didn’t suppose to stay there for such a long time, but our flight was delayed and we stuck there for the whole day waiting for the clear weather.

Aéroport_de_Ushuaia ushuaia-route

Then we came to El Calafate, where we met our friends and drove directly to El Chalten. We had been warned, that this season is not touristic and we might had not a chance to see all the attractions. It didn’t make any sense for us, because we were searching for the wild nature.


All that we needed was a backpack with warm clothes, hot tea and good mood. We passed the long distances of the tracks very easy. Sometimes I felt like I was in the other planet, because there was nobody, except us, walking there.


The next destination was Perito Moreno, which is situated near El Calafate. I was dreaming to see this wonder of the world for a very long time.

If you want to visit the place, that will make your jaw drop, go to glaciar Perito Moreno. It is really impressing. I was astonished , when I saw big pieces of ice droping to the water. (No more words – you need to see and listen to it yourself).

whyshy1 whyshy2 whyshy3

I witnessed that Argentina is full of beautiful places. Patagonia, Mendoza, Buenos-Aires are really worth to see. Beautiful landscapes, people and culture. (Take it to account, when you choose the place to travel)

photo: Lizzy Donchenko 

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