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Hey, guys! Sorry for the lack of posts last few weeks! I have so much to tell you! For example, about the last trip to Bolivia and Peru…

salar-uyuni-bolivia-laguna-colorado-flamingo     PUTRE-NATIONAL-PARK-LAUCA

The last day in the University, the last exam. I’m a bit nervous. The reason is under my desk – big backpack, which is ready for a long trip.

The first country I planned to visit was Bolivia. Sincerely, I had known nothing about this country before this trip and I found it wonderful! It is full of exotic landscapes, that are worth to see. Salar de Uyuni, laguna Verde, laguna Colorado with flamingos, laguna Rojo are absolutely breathtaking!


We decided not to be boring travelers, and stayed in a hotel made of salt Cristal Samana. This is incredible to live in a such unusual place! Moreover, it is situated in Salar, outside the city, so you can feel a sense of serenity there.


I was so impressed with this hotel as it is the only hotel in Bolivia projected based on Feng Shui principles. Its architecture is in coca leaf shape, which reflects energy and balance.

The walls, the floors, the furnishings and the entire hotel’s structure are completely made of salt! Its rooms are decorated with elements of the astrology “aymará” carved on salt!


At first, I thought that it would be cold to stay there, BUT  this hotel is adopted with a solar energy system to achieve some comfort levels, as the heating and the supply of hot water, for the purpose of reduce the most external industrial energy dependence. WOW! IT was a really shocking fact for me.

The restaurant-bar is located in the second building. It was turned into a viewpoint with the huge Salar in front of it. Far from the bedrooms, it gives to the visitors all the freedom that this space provides.

cristal-samana_3_cristal-samana 5 4

The most outstanding view was at the night. Thousands of stars over your head! Wow! I have no words to express my feelings! For my part I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream!


We took a three-day tour around Uyuni and stopped at each lake for a while. So, we had time for each pleasurable place. I adore just standing and watching the view. Without photos or annoying selfies. Just feel a sense of serenity.


When you stand in the Salar and see the sky under your legs, you may feel like you are in another dimension.

whyshywhyshy11111dress from Santiago Artemis

And this feeling doubles, when you start your day in thermal water.Paradise!


The next destination was Peru, Cuzco. We spent there one day, walking along  it’s tiny roads, buying souvenirs and tasting Peruvian food. One day is not enough for this city, I would really enjoy to stay more.

The next day we devoted to Machu Picchu. We woke up in the early morning to be the first ones in the line to the bus (they are extremely long even at 5 a.m.). We strived to have just a pure view of Machu Picchu without hundred of tourists. When we came there, the place was all in the fog. So magical!


In my opinion, the best panorama to Machu Picchu is from the Montana. You have to go up for two hours and you might even be exhausted in the end, but when you see the view, you will forget about your tiredness.


I was inspired by the trip to these countries. For me it was like a breath of the fresh air! But you will never understand it, if you don’t feel it yourself. So, if you are tired of a noisy city and you want a real adventure, let’s go to the South America!


photo: Lizzy Donchenko 

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