What to wear to work?

Busy week has already started! I guess your Monday is as hard as mine. Nevertheless, I recommend you to be strong enough to be happy today…

Have you ever seen the autumn in Russia, especially in Saint-Petersburg? I can describe some features of our weather. Wind, rain and grey sky make the whole day. Today I got up listening the rain falling on my window. I picked my big umbrella, put on warm coat and went to university in a tearing hurry. Very typical start of the day, isn’t it?

But I forgot to tell you some very important morning acts! Of course, I had done my hair and prepared the clothes a long time before I went out.

My autumn office look is very classic. I enjoy being elegant during a working day. High heels and nude make up are essential. I always experiment with my hair – change variety of hairstyles during the week. I’ve recently discovered the thing that makes my hair awesome – it’s hair extensions Irresistible Me!

My hair is long enough, but I always complained about it’s small volume. The solution was found! I started to use extra hair Irresistible Me. You don’t have to be a hair stylist to wear it – it’s the easiest thing that makes your hairstyle perfect! Try it and you will understand that it’s really irresistible!

whyshy-1 whyshy-2 whyshy-4

Are you ready for a coming autumn? Do you know what you will wear to work or university? If not, I will help you with it! There are 10 things to create your autumn office look:



Photo: Karina Mitrus
Clothes: Love Republic

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