The first day of autumn

Welcome to autumn! For me it is always busy, super-active and cold. Nevertheless, the first day of September is so shiny and bright that makes me remember my last trip to Argentina…


Sincerely, I’m not ready for the spring in terms of mood. I cant stop wearing light and bright clothes and, of course, it’s difficult to stop chilling all days and instead of this start to study and work hard.

whyshy1 whyshy2 whyshy5

As I’ve already told, I’m still in the summer in my mind. So, my first-days-autumn wardrobe is  full of trendy all-the-time white clothes. Today I’m in Juan Hernandez Daels clothes and Jessica Kessel shoes. This nice combination makes my day!

clothes:Juan Hernandez Daels
shoes:Jessica Kessel

photo: Diego Herrera

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