Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Few days ago there was Mercedes Benz fashion week in Moscow, that gathered all fashionistas from Russia and nearest countries. Of course, I attended this fashion performance…

I love spending days in Moscow. It’s life is absolutely different from slow life in S-P. Nights, cultural events, rythm of life are much more saturated, active.

Fashion week was followed by parties, after-parties, exhibitions and public talks about fashion.

I was totally satisfied with the organization of MBFW 2015. Collections of famous Russian designers Alena Akhmadullina, Besssarion, Dima Neu, Natalia Vodyanova, Pirosmani were stunning. So, small fashion-expert inside me was happy.

Dima Neu

dimaneu1 dimaneu2

Alena Akhmadullina

AlenaAkhmadullina1 AlenaAkhmadullina2


bessarion2 bessarion1


pirosmani2 pirosmani3

Of course, if I take part in fashion-event , I have to look cool, strange or extremely stylish. I remember last fashion weeks, where I looked like I came from another planet (look here).This time I decided not to show off, but to be feminine and stylish, to be confident in clothes I wear.

The first day, I chose the skirt Parker, shirt Raquel Alegra Gauze, coat Asos,  sunglasses Freyers, bag by Olga Fomina.

whyshy-1-2 whyshy-2whyshy-13whyshy-7 whyshy-3-2

The second day I spent hanging out in Moscow and walking a lot. So, I wanted to feel comfortable. I wore the coat Liza Odinokikh , jeans Levis, shoes Jessica Kessel, shirt Asos.

whyshy-5 whyshy-6

 Photo: Yasya Fogelgardt

On Sunday, the last day, I decided to be girly and put on shirt Zara, shoes Sam Edelman Amber.

whyshy-9 whyshy-10

 Photo: Karina Mitrus

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