My summer archives: Part 1

Today I’ve discovered some summer archives and decided to share them with you. These hot summer months were full of events and finished extremely fast, that I didn’t even notice it…

whyshy-1 whyshy-2 whyshy-3 whyshy-4clothes: Sheinside
draping pearls chain headpiece: Kristin Perry

So, 5 things I did this summer: 

  1. Traveled to Machu Piccu (look more here)
  2. Saw Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and lived in the house made of salt(read the post about it)
  3. Stuck couple of times in foreign countries
  4. Spoke Spanish a lot
  5. Became more feminine and changed the style a bit
  6. Started to shoot videos
  7. Passed all exams in university in Argentina
  8. Started to do yoga
  9. Got back to Russia and traveled to 3 Russian cities, that I had been missing
  10. Went to two weddings and attended many parties

What about you, my lovely reader? What moment of summer was the best for you?

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