Where to travel in autumn?

The dog days of summer are over. But despite the chill in the air, there’s no need to be downhearted. Let’s escape grey and cold days in a place with better weather…

Autumn is the most spectacular season, a last hurrah before the bitter winds of winter take hold. You might start dreaming about a seaside or big parks that are still full of colors right now.

Pull on your walking boots and head to one of stunning destinations to witness glorious autumn colour. Dive into leaves and lie on the ground looking to the sky. These dazzling views won’t fail to impress.

Where to go? You have a big amount of options. At least 251 countries to choose! I will recommend my favourite destinations and you will decide to go there or not. You might think that I forgot about financial part? If you plan your trip properly, you won’t have problems with money.

On low budget

If you can’t afford to go abroad the solution is to stay at home. Sincerely!  I mean you have a chance to discover your homeland. Just take a tour around the place where you live or go to a countryside.

If you can choose

As I said before, there are hundreds of options to choose from. It might be an autumn in sunny beach or you can go to ski in the miountains in the late November. I enjoy spending gloomy days in Europe. It’s so romantic this time! Now I’m planning my next trip, and I will tell you my choice soon!

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