Are you ready for New Year?

New Year seems to be different for each person. One will celebrate it in a shindig, some will choose to spend this lovely night with a family, others will go to the beach to surf up…

To my mind, this holiday is very traditional. I prefer gathering with family and friends. So, I will show you my personal choice for this night.

Look №1

Lovely black color is one of my favorite, it can be suitable for each event. I’ve chosen this jacket because it’s multi-purposed. First, I will wear it for the dinner with my relatives combining it with nice shoes; then I will change make up and boots to look more rebellious and cool, and will head to a party. So, that’s the first option.

whyshy-1 whyshy-3 whyshy-12

clothes Love Republic
shoes Paolo Conte
photo: Marina Vladimirova

Look №2

My second choice is a simple dress, that can also be easily transformed into a party dress, if I match it with high heels and wonderful earrings.Being conservative but absolutely feminine, you will have a great chance to be a queen of the forthcoming party.

whyshy-1 whyshy-2 whyshy-22 whyshy-4

To be continued…

clothes: Fashion Nova
accessories: Very Much
photo: Karina Mitrus

Look №3

One of my favorite looks! Total marsala is like total red nowadays. This dress is not as simple as it looks like – it has lacing behind. It makes the outfit be sophisticated and looks sexy.


clothes: Fashion Nova
photo: Karina Mitrus

Look №4

This shiny look is full of tenderness. Although I do not wear any kind of rhinestones and sequins, I’m in love with this glitter look. I expected it to be overaccesorized, but it appears to be really balanced and absolutely cute.


Look №4

I guess I will not wear this dress for a celebration or to the family dinner… But I hope it will be useful in 2016!whyshy-o

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