What I do NOT wear it the winter

Although you might consider Russia to have heavy winter and a lot of snow, I will destroy all of these myths…Recently, I’ve become a crazy collector of fur coats, mittens and warm socks. There are stocks of them in my wardrobe and no chance to try on at least one.

Of course, cold spells appear in S-P, but the last time I wore a fur coat, I got caught in the rain. So, believe it or not, I really wish some snow and freezing cold weather sometimes. Just to feel that New Year is coming. I’m so fed up with this changeable weather, when you are constantly unsure, whether it will be rainy or there will be clear blue skies.

I do continue to buy new warm clothes in case of emergency cold. Maybe Santa will send some snow or I will manage to travel to some winter resort (that is more preferable and hoped-for). At least, I’ve already planned some winter trips. Guess where? I will tell you soon…

Wish you winter mood and a lot of snowflakes!

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clothes: Chicwish
unglasses: Freyrs
shoes: Paolo Conte
watches Konifer