3 new ways to wear warm clothes in 2016

Every year street style fashionistas create new ways to put on outerwear, and sometimes they are too sophisticated or crazy. Let’s look how to rock out your winter clothes this year…

 Coat + furthe-double-coat-situ-when-fashion-editors-get-drastic-about-winter-1624092-1452864435.640x0c


coat Yoox + fur coat bonprix


Jacket bonprix + Coat Names

This trend is really dangerous. You should know where is a verge between insanity and stylish look not to look too eccentric.


Fur coat TopTop+ jacket Yoox


Шуба Asos + пальто Yoox

Inheritance from 2015

This is what we used to wear in 2015. Common combination of coat +coat or coat+leather coat looks quite familiar.

6-minimalist-outfit-ideas-perfect-for-cold-weather-1679567.600x0c6 copy

Jacket Asos+ Trench Top-Top

Coat Asos Camel + coat Asos + cape Yoox


Пальто Top Top + джинсовый плащ из Asos

Size difference

Be ready for a lot of attention from strangers as long as you wear sporty bomber and classic coat like this. At least you will definitely succeed in your attempt to floss.


Jacket Asos +coat Mani by Giorgio Armani from Yoox

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