Basic wardrobe for spring by Uniqlo

Russian forecast for February is too warm for winter, so, it’s better to call it the start of the spring…

I really appreciate the time when there is no snow, cold weather and wind. Actually, it is happening now in S-P. Each day I go out of my house singing a song “Love is in the air”. It entirely reflects my high mood. I can’t wait, the weather is warm enough to wear shorts and light clothes (or maybe to go to the coast).

I prepare for each season like for a red-letter day. I buy new clothes, change the style, take away old stuff. So, do you have in your mind what you will wear in the spring 2016? WhyShy and Uniqlo introduce a basic wardrobe for spring. Almost all of these items are from a collaboration Uniqlo and Ines de la Fressange: 


I’m really happy to be one of the first people to try on these clothes. Recently, I’ve started to prefer casual to sport style, thus all of these clothes suitable for my wardrobe.

whyshy1 whyshy2 whyshy3 whyshy4

photo: Karina Mitrus

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