Hello from 70-s!

Hey, babes! It’s the time for retro-vibes! I was inspired by fashion of 70-s…

Most of you were not born in 70-s, but maybe you have heard about it from your parents. I definitely would like to live that time.

70-s picked the best elements of the 60-s and perfected or exaggerated them. Polyester was the material of choice and bright colors were everywhere.

I saw my parents’ photos where daddy and mom were wearing flared jeans. It was the greatest inspiration for me. My mother told me that in 70-s she preferred wearing jeans and pants to skirts. I can imagine, how cool she looked with her long hair to her butt, rings on all fingers.

There’s something so incredibly liberating and raw about the 70s that I confess this decade had to be returned for 2016.

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So the 70-s are claiming their right over jeans this season, right? Undoubtfully, my restless heart has been striving for this fashion item for a long time. Assuming you love this trend like I do, so I will share some tips how to wear flared jeans:

1.They look better with short tops, waist-length jackets, blazers, cardigans etc., because of the silhouette.
2.To avoid looking frumpy don’t wear long shirts, oversized sweaters and everything big and layered.
3. To look higher, wear high heels, it will provide you extra 10 santimetres.
4. My favourite tops to wear flared jeans with are a tucked in classic shirt, a simple t-shirt layered with a leather jacket, or a retro cute sweater. Oh, and crop tops. Definitely crop tops.
5. Don’t wear too long jeans. Ugly fringes will definitely spoil the look. Instead of longer jeans you can put on crop flared ones.

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