How to wear red dress?

Hey, beauties! I guess you have no problems with wearing small black dress. So let me give you some tips about red one…Considering of red dress you might imagine it with a pair of heeled shoes and on a night party. But in the modern world you can wear it to each occasion.


When you travel, the only thing that bothers you is a  comfortable shoes. So, pretend that you are a rock star going on tour. Wear cool leather jacket and big shoes.


Even if you can’t imagine yourself to be a rock star, you can be a beautiful princess who is not affected by the pain in legs because of long walks.


photo: Alexei Dupliakov

Retro lady

I LOVE watching old movies, especially, with Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot. This kind of films can give me a huge dose of inspiration. I personally attribute retro style to the most sophisticated because you need to know fashion history well enough to combine clothes and accessories (sincerely, I’m still not perfect in it, but my knowledge has significantly improved during last 2 years).

I was inspired with this picture and decided to create a retro look that doesn’t make me look old-fashioned.


I wear kitten-heels, – they were introduced in the late 1950-s and are very popular now –   and lovely dress.


whyshy2 whyshy3 whyshy-1 whyshy-4Photo:Karina Mitrus

On a date

You want to look romantic? The formula is: shining make up (but unfussy) + high heels + messy hair/ curls/ elegant hairstyle + small red dress. You will be def satisfied with your look <3, so will your soulmate. (read more here).

IMG_3781-1008x672 IMG_3843 LB1

Street style

What you need is a pair of sneakers/ brutal, strange shoes + your dress layered under a bright top/sweatshirt (read here).


Photo: Elisaveta Donchenko

Cocktail party

It was my birthday party when I wore this long dress (read here). But now (in the summer 2016) I advise you wearing silk/of light material dress.



I’m interested to know how you wear red dress, my dear readers? 

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