Summer work outfit totally worth copying

Hello, guys! Haven’t written here for a long time, but better late than never. I’ve just revealed that my summer wardrobe is totally in beige, pastel and white colors! 

So, my suit of salmon color was a case of any port in a storm. Of course, being a fashion blogger I couldn’t buy ordinary suit!

There is a cool combo consist of cropped pants and long vest. Pretty boring without accessories, right?  To dress with flair, I took my tan bag with fringes, so, when I walk they move. I can admit that I did everything in my power to go more or less business casual and follow dress code at the same time (btw I work in finance).

whyshy-1 whyshy-2 whyshy-3 whyshy-5 whyshy-6 whyshy-7

What do you do for a living, guys? And what do you wear to work?

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