Mercedes Benz Fashion week

Today I wanna tell you about Mercedes Benz Fashion week, my time in Moscow, and show some of my outfits…

To begin with, MBFW was taking place from 13th to 17 th of October. I came to Moscow to meet my fav designers and also to see my friends. I attended shows of Alena Akhmadullina, Dasha Gauser, Sorry I’m Not, Bella Potemkina, Vassa & Co, Saint-Tokyo, Viva Vox, LAROOM, Yasya Minochkina.

I’ll describe these brends in few words and show you the most stunning looks from each show! Get ready to recieve a source of inspiration, my dears!


Life away from home changes the standards and stereotypes of human thinking, especially of the one who is passionate about fashion and design. Combining something incompatible, designer gets the one holistic harmony. Complex garments modify the human body, breaking it but not damaging, simply adding its and some charm and character. I never skip shows of Yuriy Pitenin because he always organize them in such extraordinary, spectacular way!

 illustration: Julia Andrievskaya1 2 3

Yasya Minochkina

DNA of Yasya Minochkina brand is the combination of feminine, minimalistic and technological features.In the basis of every collection there are mini, midi and maxi dresses plus tops, skirts and suits. Designer makes an attempt to make clothes as accurate and simple as possible. I’m A BIG FAN of this brend because of it’s focus on technologies: Yasya follows innovations in the textile industry and use SUPERB prints!

2illustration: Animia Masha1 2 3

Bella Potemkina

Being inspired by beautiful women around, exclusively gentle collections were born. The skirt with angels on silk, magnificent cultivated flowers on flax, white lacy collars and cuffs — is there is some by retro, it is a little chic, nobility and the covered sexuality — here a cocktail basis under the name Bella Potemkina.For creation of products of a brand the best natural fabrics and accessories from Italy are used. We pay huge attention to details: high-quality design accessories, decorative elements, buttons – everything together work for perfection of an image. I love this designer for her sense of style, she certainly knows what is the best for women!

3illustration: Animia Masha1 2 3 4 5


Brand Vassa & Co is a design and commerce at the same time. Small parties of products, the lack of a petty desire to save, use of a high quality natural fabrics, accessories and the latest innovative technologies and skilled labor is the key to successful brand development. Brand Vassa & Co is a prestige and accessibility – the main arguments of relentlessly growing consumer demand during 10 years. This brand appeals to me for their minimalistic and elegant clothes – that’s what I’m ready to wear ALL THE TIME!

4 illustration: Julia Andrievskaya1 3 4 2

Sorry I’m not

Fresh, bold and boundless, SORRY, I’M NOT made its fashion breakthrough in Russia and abroad with customers and onlookers . Each collection is produced under the five pillars of the SORRY I’M NOT religion: manic scrupulousness, attention to detail, top-notch quality, a healthy sense of humor and fearless creativity. I’m keen on unique patterns, skillful tailoring and unapologetic prints of this brend.

5 illustration: Lena Ker1 2 3


LAROOM is the clothing brand created for contemporary girls who care about generosity and sophistication. The foundation of every seasonal collection is the evening and cocktail dresses. Focusing on the romantic and sensual, LAROOM develops feminine features in every look. In the precise silhouettes one can trace the principal theme of the brand: ‘hidden sexuality’, closed collars, sleeves with cuffs, clean silhouette lines – the visual image is sophisticated but very appealing.I LOVE this brand… and even bought some items for daily life <3.

6 illustrationLena Ker1 2 3

Alena Akhmadullina

Thank you Asus for a special invitation to the show of this gorgeous designer. I did all photos with new ZenFone 3! All pics are of the high quality!

Photos appear as realistic as you view them, with deep trench isolation technology preventing photons of light from leaking from one pixel on the sensor to another, resulting in clearer details. The color correction sensor detects unusually-lit subjects and makes them look natural in the resulting photo.

ZenFone 3 is an agile, exquisite design inspired by the beauty of nature. A glass-and-metal wonder that captures the world with absolute clarity. An extraordinary smartphone for a life less ordinary.


 I was a bit shocked with all advantages of Zenfone, and really HAPPY that I use it! (You can see more photos made with Zenphone on insta)

The brand was created in 2001 by designer Alena Akhmadullina, a graduate of St. Petersburg Academy of Technology and Design. In the 10 years of its existence, the Alena Akhmadullina brand has become a unique phenomenon in the history of Russian design and a revolution in the fashion world.To tell the truth, this is my favorite Russian designer ever: her designs are SO feminine, sexy, and stylish – a great source of inspiration. A-D-O-R-E!

7 1 2 3 4 5 6

Viva Vox

A distinctive feature of works by Oleg Evseev is the use of prints and exceptional ability to work with fur and leather, which are not only such familiar products as outerwear, and dresses, skirts, tops.

In my opinion, their latest collection is one of the best since the foundation of Viva Vox in 1997. The show was incredible… and yessss… this Mickey Mouse print is so cute:)

8 1 2 3 4

Dasha Gauser

Recognizable the brand’s DNA is constructive geometry and architectural forms in clothing. Mark is proud to create models are used mostly natural fabrics: silk, wool, linen and cotton. I love a traveling theme of collection – perfect for such girls as me (who is mad about visiting new countries). I’m ready to wear these map-like dresses every day!

91 2 3

What I wore during FW?

For this Fashion Week I chose such trends as color-blocking(never die), emerald velvet (royal color), leo prints on fur. I was absolutely inspired with Milano Fashion week and current bright trends in classics.

whyshy-1whyshy-3whyshy-5Processed with VSCO with e6 preset
Suit Liza Odinokikhwhyshy-8 whyshy-6 whyshy-7

whyshy-11  whyshy-10 whyshy-9
Coat Liza Odinokikh
Bag Olga Fomina

Guys…. one more outfit I wanna tell you about. I didn’t wear it to fashion shows, BUT I used to look like this when I don’t face the lens of cameras.

I prefer cozy and WARM looks and always bring my lovely backpack by PENTE. Each product of this brend is a fine hand-made design piece that meets the highest quality requirements.  PENTE designers carefully choose leather and accessories while using traditional craftsmanship techniques to ensure that every product is unique and have lifetime warranty. Without a doubt this is THE MOST comfortable, genuine, unique and long-lasting product in my wardrobe!

ws4-800 ws5-800 ws6-800

If you are inspired with the idea of buying a leather backpack, I can show you some of my moodboards:

how-to-wear-backpack-1 how-to-wear-backpack-2 how-to-wear-backpack-3 how-to-wear-backpack-4 how-to-wear-backpack-5

photo: Karina Mitrus

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