Rome trip: Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Our Italian trip started in a hotel Villa Spalletti. Read a full post to understand why I’ve chosen it…

In every trip or vacation, accommodation stands to be one of the factors to be considered before kicking off with your journey. To start with, I found the website of Villa Spalletti Hotel on TripAdvisor, so, I decided to check it out since I was embarking on an Italian trip.

Veduta esterna della VillaVeduta esterna della VillaGiardino della Villa dall'alto

The more I read the 100 years old history of the hotel, the more

As someone in need of some information about the hotel, I read thoroughly with enthusiasm and the history I read about the hotel got me stunned; I was glued to my screen till I was done with the hotel’s website. Far from being an ordinary resort or place of relaxation, the hotel offers the most awing hospitality and comfort you would ever imagine as a tourist. Also, the hotel’s long history which has been in existence for over 100 years is another thing any tourist wouldn’t dare to ignore.

Salone del Camino

The more I read the 100 years old history of the hotel, the more enthusiastic I become; so, to satisfy my increasing eagerness, I decided to check out the photos of the rooms in the hotel. I was stunned when I discovered the rooms were far from being the normal type of traditional rooms that easily build up people’s boredom. Unarguably, the photos of the rooms I viewed portrayed a balance of classicism with modern comfort.

Salone degli Arazzi

Salone degli Arazzi

Salone degli Arazzi

Galleria I piano


After my research about the hotel, I was left with the decision to visit it. Our arrival to the hotel was on the 16th day of November, and to be honest, I would never forget the level of hospitality we got; perhaps, the Italians are gifted with such qualities.

Our room was exactly what I saw on the hotel’s website. To be candid, it looked even better; maybe there were some modifications prior to our arrival. Furnished with antiques and original antique prints, it features a luxurious marble bathroom with a shower and tub as well as a refined line of courtesy organic bath products. I love the design of the room: in natural green and brown colors. I think it’s the best choice to create relaxing ambiance.

Bagno Suite MontiCamera Suite Ripa23-vst-cl

During our stay, I loved walking around the hotel; enjoying the large and airy public areas, showcasing antiques from the family’s collection.

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I also enjoyed the tranquil and alluring areas outside of the hotel, where one could feel a sense of serenity and calmness.

What I really liked is the rooftop garden; an unanticipated wonderful feature in a boutique hotel. The Rooftop Garden is accompanied with comfy, shaded sofas and sun loungers. The rooftop bar and bubbling Jacuzzis also are serene areas with wonderful views across the roofs of the Italian capital.

main-2 main-3

Of all the luxury hotels in Rome, Villa Spalletti Trivelli stands to be the paradigm, perfectly built for one’s experience of the Eternal City. To be frank, I’ve been to many 5-star hotels, but I haven’t seen such combination of relaxing ambiance, hospitality and stunning design.


To crown it all, I met Raimonda Spalletti Trivelli in person; she’s a kind and open-minded woman with a perfect sense of style.

Finally, I’m rating the hotel 10 over 10 because it’s a sure paradise on earth.

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