Rome Trip: The Beehive

I am used to staying in 3-, 4-, or 5-star hotels, BUT while in Rome I decided to accept an invitation from a hostel: The Beehive

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I think there’s a bad misconception that hostels are only for travelers that care more about price than amenities or ambiance, but ‘hostel’ doesn’t have to be synonymous with budget accommodation, shared bathrooms, or dorm-style sleeping arrangements.

My two days at The Beehive has shown me that you can stay in hostels in style.

The owners of The Beehive describe it as a cross between a budget hotel and an upscale hostel and I think they nailed the description. Why it’s not as lush as my stay at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli, I did enjoy my stay here.

Even though i’s located right in the center of the city near all the big tourist attractions, it’s a quiet retreat from the busy streets of Rome. My favorite part of The Beehive was that it has a good cafeteria with tasty doughnuts that I couldn’t help but to indulge in.

If you want to follow in my footsteps on an upscale hostel adventure to step out of your comfort zone and try a new way to travel, here are a few pro tips for how to choose a hostel that leaves you saying, “Ooh!” and not, “Ew!”

  • A simple Google search for “luxury hostel + city” might surprise you for what turns up.
  • Check reviews on com and HostelWorld.
  • Location, location, location.

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