My discovery of a paradise on earth

As a blogger, writing has not only been my profession, it has developed into being my hobby; maybe it’s as a result of the passion I’ve got for writing…

I presume it’s the same with other bloggers. One good thing I enjoy most about being a blogger is the exposures I get from researching on the topics I’m write on.

I’ve always heard there’s paradise on this our planet earth, but I’ve never believed such. In doubt, I always wonder where exactly the so called earthly paradise is located, how it looks, and when in my lifetime I will come across it. However, my doubt was swept away the day I coincidentally spent a night at HOTEL DE RUSSIE; indeed that’s a paradise on earth.


It happened that I was in Italy during one of my tours around the European continent; Rome to be precise. My vacation there was great and fun until the day I planned on leaving – unfortunately I missed my flight. I felt bad, and in despair I left the airport with a decision to look around for a place to spend the night. Finally, I was directed to Hotel De Russie.


Actually, Rome is indeed a lively place with bumper to bumper road traffic, busy Italians, and hot salty scents. Irrespective of the hotel being in the center of the city – overlooking the Piazza del Popolo, and being across the street from the Spanish steps – there is abundant tranquillity in it. The absence of mopeds’ screeches amazed me and the discreet service I got that night made me think about extending my stay. The furniture so cool, modest and modern; I even had to visit the spa for a nice treatment after slowly sipping the wine I ordered from room service.

Oh! I forgot to include that my stay at the hotel was during late spring, and that’s when the weather is most enjoyable over there. I also didn’t miss drinking prosecco that evening, and the next day, I took comettos and milky espresso for breakfast. It was indeed awesome having breakfast on the patio.

As a blogger, I decided to ask questions about the hotel, and guess what? The visits of Russian eminent persons brought about the name Hotel De Russie. Maybe that was why the hotel had to have a deceptive appearance; one may even walk pass the building without knowing he or she has walked pass a paradise.


I also gathered that the hotel – since its start, has hosted myriad of extremely distinguished guests; including famous artistes and world travelers.

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Not only does the hotel have the most superfluity spa in the whole of Italy, its rooms, restaurant, and secret garden fit royalty.


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To be candid, I never regretted missing my flight that day, and I’m sure I will never have a cause to regret it.

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