My Intended visit to Paris

In one of my previous articles, I made mention of blogging – not just being my profession, but my hobby too…

I started as a blogger some years ago, and gradually, I developed a high affinity for it; in fact, the passion I had for my profession turned it into being my hobby.

Now, as a blogger, I’ve been opportuned to visit numerous places in the world, and also meet various kinds of individuals; those that possess the same mindsets with me, and those with mindsets that are totally different from mine. In other words, I’ve turned into a tourist as a result of my profession; because in order to write about things that are not within my location, I will have to journey to the locations of those things and find out some true facts about them.

The most fascinating thing about being a traveller as someone else may term it, is the exposure you get when you journey down to a new place; you get exposed to different cuisines, beliefs, languages, religions, histories and myths, ethnic and social groups, people’s characters as well. I’m a lover of history and myths, and in a quest for true facts about some things in Paris, I will be staying at Hotel Les Tournelles.

Actually, I’ve been to Paris, but that was years back as a little child who loves going on vacations. There was never a dull moment for me then as a child; it didn’t take me eternity to make friends with other children who shared their toys with me and never declined playing with me. Although my holiday wasn’t luxurious then, it was a memorable one indeed, and the memories have remained evergreen in me.

Talking about Paris, it’s the capital city of France, and the most populous city in the country. According to what history provided me with, the city was founded by the Parisii (Celtic people) in the third Century BC. Around 2013, it recorded a population of over 2 million people, and in the 12th Century, it has already become the largest city and the most prosperous trading city in the western world, and the home of one of the oldest universities history has got. I’m talking about the University of Paris. There are lots of amazing facts about the city, but I’m constrained to include them in this little piece of writing; maybe I will do justice to them in my next article.

Les Tournelles

Meanwhile, I’ve gone into researching about the hotel I will be staying at; I’ve visited their official website and it seems to be a nice hotel in the city, portraying luxury at its peak.

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I’ve also taken time to read people’s review about the hotel; amazingly they keep giving positive testimonies about the quality of room services they received during their stay, the cool, cosy and noiseless atmosphere, and the delicious cuisines they enjoyed. One of their satisfied clients got me laughing where he posted “I was stunned to know that the photos of the hotel rooms I saw on the website were exactly what I saw when I checked in; my room had an amazing royal look”.


I also got to know that the hotel is boasting of a warm decor, a stylish and elegant library lounge. Oh, I’m so much longing to behold the elegant beauty of the hotel while I enjoy my stay in Paris.


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