This is the most wonderful hotel in a very center of Brussels

Once I started to plan my trip to Belgium, I was aiming to find the best hotel in a very center of Brussels. I was searching for exceptional place as I’m really obsessed with location and decor of hotels I stay in…

Hotel Amigo, located in the historically hip capital of Brussels, Belgium, offers visitors, tourists and business travellers a vivid window into the everyday life of the bustling capital. Brussels, is this marvellous combination of 19th-century mansions contrasted against a medieval Gothic city landscape. From its medieval core, to its organic art, to its multi-cultural roots and bureaucratic districts, the city has unforgettable urban charm.


whyshy_6the view from our room

The Hotel Amigo, where I stayed, is over 500 years of age and still has the original lobby floor cobblestones. These cobblestones would have also been used on the streets outside. These date back to 620 and were perfectly preserved when the hotel underwent renovations. I was lucky enough to be able to walk on these during my stay at Hotel Amigo this past week!

Since Hotel Amigo is in the very center of Brussels, near the Grand Palace, I had an amazing view from my classic room window. There is nothing else quite like being able to look outside your window and actually feel and see the city. From the people in the square marvelling at the Grand Palace, to the well-established and organized feel of the average work-day. The square takes on different auras throughout the day, becoming this center focal point that requires more than one visit to be able to take it all in.


The classic room has a very modern and nice design to it. It’s simple, elegant and quite comfortable! The accompanying bathroom is quite large, having both a bath and a shower! Plus, the bedroom has a work space included, so for those who are travelling for business purposes, won’t necessarily have to leave their room and find a work space at one of the many cafes in the square. However, if you do require a meeting space for more than one person, the hotel has this lounge area on the first floor which is perfect for meetings. Plus, the hotel serves delicious pastries for those who get hungry!

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What makes Hotel Amigo stand out as the desired place

to stay when travelling to Brussels, Belgium, is solely its historic charm and location. There is something comforting in being surrounded by antique guildhalls, a 15th century city hall with accompanying spire, gilded statues and a Gothic landscape. If you enjoy medieval infrastructure, but want a modern and multi-cultural destination, then Hotel Amigo is the place to stay at.


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