The best panoramic view in Brussels – The Hotel

My time in Brussels was limited but I did my very best to explore as much as I could fit in…

Of course, this involved a lot of eating, naturally, and my god the chocolate and waffles totally BLEW MY MIND.

As always I searched very long for the best places to stay in Brussels. By chance, I saw really nice pics of panoramic views on the one fashion blog. Then it revealed that those pics had been taken from The hotel. I couldn’t miss a chance to stay there and booked the best room on the 24th floor.

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The hotel is famed for its high sky rise on the Boulevard de Waterloo, which is one of the best places of shopping in the city. The hotel offers something for everyone and multiple services which are all high standard. All the main attractions of the city are near the hotel and can be accessed easily as well. Some of these popular locations are; the historic Grand Place, fashion street: Boulevard de Waterloo and the Parliament buildings. Say hello to sightseeing heaven!


We were treated with the best services through a trained staff which feels pride in service. The entire hotel is decorated to give off the feeling of peace and calm. All the guest suites are decorated to give off a relaxing feel as well.


The restaurant of the hotel, called Pierre is specifically for the guests to enjoy themselves with the best quality and great tasting food with a perfect ambiance. The chefs of the restaurant are highly respectable and make sure that there is no compromise on taste and quality of the food that is provided at the restaurant. I have to admit that I ate too much chocolate there and don’t feel guilty now (as I trained much as well).


I really enjoyed vacations which relax the body and mind. I came there to unwind, relax and get all the stress away from myself. The Hotel Brussels offers spa and Fitness services inside the hotel and we were encouraged to use the fitness center and access the latest workout equipment and technology offered by the gym. The Urban Spa has a state of the art steam room along with 3 spa rooms. So say goodbye to fat and the stress.

The hotel is not just for families or individuals who want to take a vacation. It is also for people who are on business trips and need access to a meeting or conference room for their official meetups. Brussels, being a business epicenter attracts many ppl who want to stay at hotels where they can get quality and considerable charges for these services. My parents will like this aspect for sure.

If you ask me where to go in Brussels, I would recommend you to book a room in The Hotel and enjoy the best panoramic views from there!

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