My Favorite Spring Dress

Spring is my all-time favorite season…I mean, I guess there are only four seasons, so there aren’t too many to choose from. I just love that everything is waking up and coming alive again…

When spring arrives, I put away all my B/W clothes and maniacally grab all of the bright trends at the shops. Well, my purchases are always the game changers, the outfit shifters, the kind of buys that pack a punch, get my friends and Instagram followers talking and are exactly what I want to drop some money on!


My new spring choice is no exception and nothing short of breathtaking! A flattering, versatile, asymmetric cut dress that you can throw on and instantly feel effortlessly feminine in is a wardrobe holy grail.

The asymmetrical hemline has become quite the rage in the past few seasons, and it looks like it’s going to stay around for a while yet. I absolutely adore this everlasting trend (and actually buy something asymmetrical each season hehe).

whyshy_silkdress4  whyshy_silkdress2 whyshy_silkdress


I love the design of my new orange 100% silk dress because it gives me ample room to flaunt my legs. And…yaz! I must admit that I always try to look taller and to create the illusion of longer legs with some style tricks.

If you’re yet to get your paws on this staple, I suggest visiting the site, InkyGold. It’s a literal wonderland of covet-worthy clothes and accessories!

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