Class, Elegance, and Warmth: Hotel Eduard 7

Oh Paris, oh Paree! There are no words or all words for this city, that simply embodies every meaning of romance possible.

Every corner, every person, every croissant has it, and I’m not just saying that for the sake of this post. On my last trip to Paris, I made a point of visiting as many new and undiscovered places as possible, skipping out the iconic monuments as much as possible (though a trip to Paris without taking in the view from Trocadero is hardly a trip to Paris at all!). And of course, I’ve made a list of the most instagrammable and photogenic places in Paris (will show it later).

the happiest person at Trocadero
Needless to say, Paris offers an endless amount of sumptuous rooms in a multitude of mind-blowing hotels, so making a decision on where to rest your head is no mean feat. Being a luxury traveler, I’m always happy so see a lot of hotel openings in my favorite city. And it’s not just the 5-star addresses that offer the crème de la crème of hospitality, there are plenty of 4 stars too.

opera_garnier_paris_whyshyview of Opera from the balcony

A child of the 90s I grew up with this fantasy of Paris I found in movies. So, the hotel suite that perfectly frames the Opera in its windows and balconies was a perfect accommodation for me. I found that glamorous Paris I so long ago dreamed about at Hotel Eduard 7.

whyshy_5hotel Eduard 7 -the entrance

From the minute I arrived, I was mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of this opulent hotel; the staff was delightful, greeting me warmly on arrival and looking after me throughout, through to the warmth and helpfulness when I left.

whyshy_7breakfast time in Paris

The Hotel was constructed in honor of a great lover of Paris, Edward VII, then Prince of Wales. He made the Hotel Edouard VII his Paris residence for exploring the city and admiring the unrestricted view from the balconies over the Opéra Garnier where he enjoyed being carried away by the performances and meeting the great and the good. The renovation of Edouard 7 was the subject of a conceptual procedure, unique in the hotel sector.


The entire project is based on 4 keywords, inspired by the personality of Edward VII: Audacity, Seduction, Character, Theatricality. Once you check in this beautiful place you plunge into the world of Edward VII and can see these words written with invisible ink everywhere. You will probably be thrilled to bits with its elegance and warmth, being welcomed to a couture ambiance, faithful to the identity of the hotel.


There is not a single detail of this hotel, which opened in 1877 in the heart of Paris’s fashion district, that isn’t wonderfully glamorous and idyllically French. From the contemporary elements such as glass desks, designed by Christophe Daudré, to the blend of 19th-century style (with embroideries), it is unapologetically luxurious. It’s no wonder it attracts the stylish clientele to match from movie stars to entertainers as well as famous politicians and business owners.

But perhaps the most surprising feature of this incredible hotel is it’s incomparable decor and the combinations of materials such as the padded wall, the stylised furniture creations, the association of accessories such as the Prince of Wales chair, cashmere rugs, the poetic notes inscribed on the walls, contribute an ingenious and subtle note to this new collection.

whyshy_4the happiest morning person; wonderful view from the balcony

The devil truly is in the details in Hospitality and Hotel Eduard 7 understood that a long time ago by adding numerous USB and power outlets throughout the room, which allowed me to stay fully charged and connected 24 hours a day thanks to the lightning-fast WiFi, something rather unusual in the world of hotels. It truly was a treat not to have to worry about uploading photos to social media and emailing assignments to my editors.

It’s a long time since a hotel has given me such an enhancing experience, and if I was ever coming back to Paris then I wouldn’t even think of staying anywhere else.

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