Central Paris Hotel that’s still classy

Hey, friends! It has only been a few weeks since I landed back home from my trip to Paris, but I’m already suffering severe withdrawals from my favorite city in the world (dramatic but whatevs). Last time around, I stayed at Hotel Pont Royal

Enter Hotel Pont Royal — and now it’s my best-loved hotel in Paris. Located in the midst of the stylish Saint-Germain des Prés area, this hotel is a home to a long literary tradition.


The hotel itself is positioned perfectly- easily accessible for all tourist attractions but set back from the main roads in a peaceful location with no road noise.

whyshy_3whyshy_4Just adore this balcony view of Paris

A first impression never lies. And Hotel Pont Royal doesn’t contradict that with its stunning and intimate lobby, tastefully decorated with velvet furniture and lush carpets. Here, I spend a leisurely pause reading up about the long history of the building I’m in, which used to be the legendary place where Americans tasted Parisian intellectual life with relish, starting in the twenties.
I still can’t believe that I had a drink at the place where one crossed paths with the Paris of artistic creation! Indeed, it was one of the favorite bars of authors like Hemingway, Miller, and Fitzgerald, but also of painters like Miró, Chagall, and Buffet.

One more impressing fact you will be impressed with, guys! Between the two World Wars, the Pont Royal Bar became one of the leading Paris cocktail bars. Mix alcohol? What a strange idea, or, rather, what a lovely idea! The mean-spirited were offended when F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda held court here and attracted all the other “Americans in Paris,” who introduced delighted Parisians to this new way of drinking. I truly was in awe!


This feeling of enchantment carried on the upper flor into my executive room with balcony, where I was pleased to discover an equally alluring setting. I was assigned a room with views of Eiffel and the street Montalembert (I bet, this is the best hotel view ever).

At 22 square meters, this is quite a spacious room and the size is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the awesomeness of this room is concerned. The decor alone, with a nice (gray and blue plus dark wood) color palette and attractively appointed furniture, was a winner in my book.

The view over the most magnificent monuments Paris from the Eiffel Tower to Sacré Coeur was absolutely awe-inspiring, especially by night when we turned on Woody Allen music, sitting on the balcony and talking all night long in the peaceful, spacious and comfortable atmosphere.

To make a long story short, watching my photos from this beautiful hotel gives me this little twinge of nostalgia for those days in Paris. And… if you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Paris, I strongly recommend Hotel Pont Royal!


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