Hotel Petit Belloy St Germain by HappyCulture

I was lucky that I could have visited the capital of France for many times since I’m a little child. Fascinated by the charm of it whenever I returned, I could never imagine having the opportunity to live and work there…

I always had a thing for Paris, but after traveling there almost every month I just fell in love with this beautiful city. In fact of this, I go back to Paris again and again.


Y’all could notice from my previous posts that I always make what has unintentionally become a monthly pilgrimage to Paris.


As if I need a monthly ‘hit’ of the city that inspires me most, I conjure up any and every excuse to visit and spend weeks planning all the new hotels I will visit (which more often are new openings).


Few weeks ago I went on a business trip to Paris. That time I decided to stay at the one of Happy Culture group hotels. I checked their site and watched some reviews and pictures on TripAdvisor. Finally, I chose the hotel called Hotel Petit Belloy St Germain by HappyCulture.

Hotel Petit Belloy St Germain

I highly recommend this hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The hotel was located in the perfect spot, near restaurants and shops, and not far from a metro stop.


My room was so unique. I was no the top floor and was very cozy. I could not believe I could open my window and have views of Eiffel Tower.


The room was perfectly comfortable for sleeping and dressing, a bit too petit to hang out in – so not ideal for a long stay or for someone with limited mobility. But as a base camp for a short trip mostly spent out exploring, it could hardly be improved.

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