Unabashedly trendy Hotel Adele & Jules

While there are many spectacularly beautiful places in this world, Paris still holds true as one of the most romantic cities in the world… Renowned for its leisurely strolls down charming squares, gorgeous architecture, and gastronomically astounding meals, Paris is and always will be a good idea.


I may even go as far as saying that there is no place more romantic than the city of lights. And when you are there you probably want to live in authentic and quaint boutique place. I’ve just discovered one beautifully decorated hotel boasting of unabashedly trendy room interiors. It’s called Hotel Adele and Jules.


Once you step inside, the hotel is beautifully designed and very welcoming. If there is one thing that makes stand out, it is the fantastic level of attentiveness of the staff. They are helpful and more than willing to lend you a hotel umbrella, a welcome touch as it was hammering down!

The rooms are quite big, modern, and clean and the beds  are very comfortable. The bathroom was compact but nicely designed with a good shower. However, I had a problem with it when I arrived (actually, I created that mess).To put it brief,  I use to have a very hot shower, almost in boiling, water. So, when I had a shower fire alarm went off (I’m very sorry for that lol).


What I enjoyed the most is the balcony. Sitting back there, relaxing, grabbing a glass of wine, putting on my favorite jazz soundtrack made the most out of my trip to the most romantic cities in the world.


One more nice feature about this lovely hotel was a breakfast with freshly baked bread and croissants served to the room (We had it on the balcony). How Parisian can you get? We enjoyed peaceful mornings while taking in the Parisian air.


Feeling at home is easy here and has always been throughout the long and significant history of a quiet passageway in the Grands Boulevards district. I highly recommend this hotel for those looking to stay somewhere luxurious without having to spend thousands of dollars. This is the one of my top picks indeed!

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