A hidden gem of modern French living

One of the hotels I stayed at which truly eptomized the beauty of Paris was Hotel Square Louvois. Rich with art and history, this residence exudes modern French elegance…

Copper tones made it feel comforting and homely as soon as I entered, and I knew it would be a stay to remember.


Hotel Square Louvois is conveniently located in close proximity to the Palais Garnier opera house, perfect for whenever I wanted to go see a show without having to travel too far! Popular Parisian bistros as well as the world-famous Louvre Museum are also in close surrounds.


Incredible interiors for a sensational stay

I have to say, the interiors were absolutely incredible! From the moment I set foot within their doors, I adored the complementary harmony between the dark blue and grey colors, with the rose gold trimmings. Such a gorgeous combination.


A subtle, literary theme also presides throughout the residence, with bookshelves lining the rooms, and portraits of famous individuals mounted on the walls.


Beautiful room with a view

My room left nothing to be disappointed with. The large windows provided an unparalleled view out over the rooftops and across the city. Sitting on the window sills and sipping my morning coffee provided an ideal start to my busy days.


The bathrooms were fully equipped with everything I could need, and I was excited to discover a L’Occitane bath set in there too.


Everything I could wish for

Every morning, I enjoyed relaxing in their lovely breakfast area, savouring traditional, freshly baked goods. The kitchen area piled high with a wide variety of delicious food was undeniably picture perfect!


I also spent some time in their wellness area, which featured everything I needed – a small gym for daily workouts and a swimming pool for cooling off afterwards. The whole area was super private and tranquil, surrounded by stone walls and roofing, and dotted with little candles, making it almost feel like I was in a secret, underground escape.


5 things you SHOULDN’T do in Paris

During my stay at Hotel Square Louvois, I quickly learnt what I would and wouldn’t recommend for travellers visiting this amazing city. But you always hear about things you /should/ do…so here’s a list of thing I’d advise you to avoid!

1.Don’t avoid The Paris Pass

For any traveller wishing to see the highlights of Paris, don’t forget about this convenient and money-saving pass! This sightseeing card helps you skips queues, visit top attractions and use public transport for free.


2.Don’t always speak your native (non-French) language

It’s definitely worth learning some basic French words and phrases, as it’ll make communicating with staff, waiters, etc. so much easier. Plus, it also adds to a more immersive experience.


3. Don’t take taxis everywhere

They can be overpriced and hard to come by in the first place! Instead, as much as possible try and get around on foot – you’ll be surprized at the little boutiques and cafes you’ll discover.


4.Don’t assume you can quickly visit top attractions

With Paris being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, you can expect the lines to be long!


Always factor in extra hours of wait time if you’re heading out to famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe (you can read about Top 25 Places you Must Visit in Paris here)

5. Don’t miss out on staying at Hotel Square Louvois

This is undoubtedly somewhere you should stay at during your trip. So get your booking in early to you can get a room of your choice, and enjoy a perfectly delightful stay in the heart of Paris!


Photos:  Yasya Fogelgardt
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