Lausanne: The Swiss hotel That Will Blow Your Mind


When choosing hotels, I have a list of characteristics that need to be met. To be honest, I am very difficult to please and expect all of my prerequisites to be ticked. The hotel where I stayed in Lausanne not only met, but exceeded all my expectations!

Ideally situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, Beau-Rivage Palace is nestled in a natural beauty spot just a stone’s throw away from the center of Lausanne. Like the neighboring International Olympic Committee, the palace is an institution in the Ouchy district.


As soon as we strolled up to the front door of this grand-looking hotel we knew we were going to have an amazing experience for the next two days. It’s grand-looking entrance where staff rushed to help us with our heavy bags immediately made us feel special. I have stayed in many luxury hotels over the years but none like the Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne.


The service by the staff at Beau-Rivage Palace was nothing but perfect. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I had everything that I needed.


We stayed in Junior Suite Palace, and we loved it! A spacious, comfortable and modern hotel room with everything we could possibly dream about.


We had a writing desk (it’s very important for me because I work during my trips), sitting area, coffee/tea-making station with minibar, a closet, an armchair & couch with a big flatscreen TV, a comfortable bed, and a big bathroom with both shower and bathtub.

swiss_fashion_bloggerLausanne_Beau_Rivage_Palace_11Lausanne_Beau_Rivage_Palace_7One cool thing that I really liked was that there was a hidden entertainment TV mirror in the bathroom – so you can watch films while taking a bath.


These small details define the whole experience and are very important for luxury travelers. Not to forget the balconies and view, which were a big plus.The two balconies in the room provide you with a nice view over the lake and the stunning Alps.

Finally, I got to try what I’d been waiting for in Beau-Rivage Palace since the moment I checked-in there… the breakfast! I had read a lot of great reviews for their breakfast and could hardly wait to try it myself. The wait was totally worth it — the breakfast on our balcony on the day of our arrival was exceptional!


On the second day of our stay, we had breakie at the restaurant La Terrace. Everything was freshly cooked and tasted great so we really struggled to decide what to eat.


The breakfast was very varied I must say— fresh bread, veggies, great coffee, salad, smoothies, pastries—yeah you name it, and I’m sure they’ll have it. You’ll probably not miss anything while eating here.


It was so difficult to take ourselves outside the room as it was perfect. I personally didn’t want to leave our palace, but my friend insisted on walking around the hotel.


Outside the hotel room, you can find the large four-hectare garden and splendid terrace. The park provides a pleasant natural light and offers views of Lake Geneva, sure to intensify every guest’s feeling of serenity.


If you decide to stay at this hotel, make sure to visit Cinq Mondes spa! It’s ideal for recharging one’s batteries. You can find:

  • the gym with panorama windows looking out onto Lake Geneva
  • Hairdressing and hair treatments with Shū Uemura products
  • Separate hammams for men and women
  • Separate saunas for men and women
  • Two outdoor tennis courts
  • “Tropical rain walk” in the changing area

As I packed my bags after spending two days in the city, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to leave. Between its cobbled streets and creative culture, Lausanne surprised me with its mix of medieval charm and modern personality.


I hope that during our next visit to Switzerland we have more time to spend exploring Lausanne, and thus, a longer stay to really enjoy Beau-Rivage Palace. If you are ever in Lausanne, experience this beautiful hotel for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


Bonus: top 5 things to do when in Lausanne:

1) Admire Gothic architecture

One of the city’s icons is the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne which is set on a hillside and overlooks the town below with its towers and stained-glass marvels.

2) Visit the Olympic Museum

Lausanne is home to the International Olympic Committee after it was moved there by Pierre Coubertin, the French founder of the modern Games, to keep it safe during WWI. The museum takes you through the history of the games, with torches and medals from all the past games as well as simulators so you can give some of the sports a try yourself, and gardens full of sport-inspired sculptures.

3) Watch the spectacular views across Lac Léman

This is a part of what makes Lausanne so special. Also, for a day trip out of Lausanne you can explore Castle Chillon, a gorgeous fairytale Château on an islet on Lake Geneva and one of the most visited historical sites in Switzerland.

4)  Taste wine in Lavaux 

One of the absolute highlights of my trip was exploring the vertiginous vineyards of the Lavaux district. There are 14 villages spread along the 40 kilometers of this UNESCO world heritage site and plenty of beautiful viewpoints to stop and have a sip while taking in the gorgeous panoramas.

5) Try Local Food

As I mentioned before, the best Swiss, Italian, and Japanese food you can find is at Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne. The Beau-Rivage Palace has placed Anne-Sophie Pic at the helm of the kitchens of its fine-dining restaurant.
While continuing to preside over her restaurant in Valence (France), the three star Michelin chef has entrusted the realisation of her creations to Kevin Gatin. Without a doubt, their Blue Breton Lobster roasted in shellfish butter and carrots, and chocolate souffle with hojicha tea and cubeb pepper ice-cream are the best ever!

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Photos:  Yasya Fogelgardt
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